Friday, 21 August 2015

City Sightseeing: The Hop On/Off Bus: DUBLIN

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During a city break anywhere, I think taking one the City Sightseeing Buses is a must-do. A city is a maze of which only locals have a true map of, and taking one of these buses is like piggy-backing their route.

Dublin has three major hop-on/hop-off bus providors: Dublin Bus, CitySightseeing, and new to the market, CityScape. The first two costing €19 for 24 hours, and CityScape at a discounted €10. 

The River Liffey, Dublin
The top deck bus views are great, they offer a view of the city that walking just doesn't give you. The almost birds-eye views are a great chance to snap some pics, but only really when the bus is at a total stand-still. Remember these buses are negotiating city traffic and often times trying to get a photo that is not blurred from the jilted stop and starts of the city traffic can be cumbersome.

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